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Biography Of Biography Ekwutousi Philo “YAWA”[Age, Height, Lifestyle, Husband, Real Name & Net Worth]



  • Biography Of  Biography Ekwutousi Philo “YAWA”[Age, Height, Lifestyle, Husband, Real Name & Net Worth]Mary Grace Ogbu (born September 4) who is popularly known or called, Ekwutousi Philo or simply Philo (in YAWA comedy), is a Nigerian-born comedienne, MC, dancer, actor, model, and influencer. Philo is best known for her role in YAWA skirt comedy on Youtube. Ekwutousi Philo was born in Enugu state, Nigeria.Also watch our biography video of Philo on our Youtube channel, watch below:

    Full Name: Mary Grace Ogbu

  • Date of birth: September 4
  • Occupation: Comedian, Actress
  • State of origin: Enugu State
  • Residence: Abuja
  • Net Worth: $30, 000 (2021)

Philo is a graduate of the University of Abuja. Grace has been acting for the past 10 years. She joined Nollywood in 2014 and has been acting since then. Philo is also a web series actress, her recent role is in popular web series, Papa Benji, which also features popular Nigerian comedian, Basket Mouth. As a comedian, she prefers to be called Philo.

She acts best when featuring Kalistus and Boma in YAWA comedy skirts on Youtube.

What is Ekwutousi Philo Net Worth

Ekwutousi Philo’s net worth as of 2021, is estimated to be $30, 000. Her net worth is calculated base on all google sold ads from her personal Youtube channel and money made from YAWA comedy and Nollywood feature films.

Husband/ Boyfriend

Philo is currently single and not in any relationship for now. Philo or Mary is also not yet married.

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