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Biography Of Deborah Paul-Enenche [Age, Height, Husband, Children, Parents, Family Origin & Net Worth]



Biography Of Deborah Paul-Enenche [Age, Height, Husband, Children, Parents, Family Origin & Net Worth]

Deborah Paul Enenche (born 28 March 1995) is a Nigeria-born old minister of the Gospel of Christ, a practicing lawyer, gospel singer, and creative director.

She is famous for being the first child and daughter of Dr. Paul Enenche and Dr. Becky Enenche, who are the senior pastors of Dunamis International Gospel Center.

Deborah Paul-Enenche‘s parents are the church’s founders, which are over twenty-five years old and have grown to over a hundred churches in Nigeria and other countries.

Early Life and Career

On the 28th Of March 1995, a beautiful baby girl was born to the family of Mr. Paul Enenche and his wife, Becky Enenche. Eight days after, she was given the birth name Deborah.

The couple were medical doctors who resided in the city of Jos, Northern Nigeria.

As parents who had experienced first-hand the benefits of education, the Enenches enrolled their daughter in a private primary school for her creche and elementary education.

After graduating from elementary school, Deborah Paul-Enenche studied at the prestigious British Academy, Abuja.

For her university education, she traveled overseas to the United Kingdom. She enrolled at Northumbria University, Newcastle, to study for a degree in Law. She completed her studies in 2017.

After that, Deborah Paul-Enenche came back to her fatherland to study at Nigeria Law School so she could be accredited to practice law. She was called to the Nigerian bar in 2019.

Deborah Paul-Enenche was the first child of the Enenches who had tied the knot the year before (1994).

The Enenches were devoted Christians and committed ministers in Living Faith Church. So, it was expected that they raise their daughter in fear of the Lord.

Deborah Paul-Enenche was taught biblical commandments from an early age, and she followed her parents to church every service day. She was almost two when her parents decided to heed the vision God had shown them by starting their ministry. In following the direction of the vision, Deborah Paul-Enenche moved with her parents to the city of Abuja.

Deborah Paul-Enenche would go on to spend her childhood and teenage years in the capital city of Nigeria. Growing up, she discovered her love for edifying gospel music and became a member of the church’s choir. Joining the choir brought out the excellent vocalist in Deborah Paul-Enenche, and she also became a great songwriter of gospel songs.

Since her return to the country, Deborah Paul-Enenche has played an active role in her father’s ministry, Dunamis International Gospel Center. Along with her parents and siblings, she attends Sunday and Mid-week services at the headquarters located in Abuja.

She is an active member of the church’s choir, where she leads the congregation in worship and praise of the Almighty. In addition, as a gifted gospel singer, she has written a couple of gospel songs which she has recorded and performed in different Christian gatherings.

Deborah Paul-Enenche currently holds the position of Creative Director of the ministry, where she oversees the media unit of the church. She doesn’t take this duty lightly and works hard to promote the gospel via the church’s media channels.

Asides from ministry, Deborah Paul-Enenche is a practicing Lawyer. Her excellent knowledge of the law discipline means that she regularly consults for different clients who require her services.

Husband and Personal Life

Considered an exemplary Christian leader by many, Deborah Paul-Enenche upholds the faith in both her speech and actions. In addition, she is known for wearing simple but elegant outfits. And this has endeared her to many Christian youths, whom she is more focused on preaching Christ.

She is a very beautiful lady with melanin skin. Described as a fun and peace-loving young lady. She has three younger siblings, two sisters and a brother, who she dotes on with love. Her siblings are Daniella Enenche, Destiny Enenche, and Paul Jr. Enenche.

Deborah Paul-Enenche also bears the names Elizabeth and Enewa. Her nickname is It’s Debee. She is an indigene of Benue State, in the middle belt region.

Deborah Paul-Enenche is currently single and waiting on the Lord to connect her with her future husband. She resides in Abuja with the rest of her family.

Net Worth

Deborah Paul-Enenche‘s net worth as of 202 is estimated at around $70, 000 – $650, 000.

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