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Biography of Freddie Freeman [Age, Height, Family & Net Worth]



Freddie Freeman is an American baseball player who currently plays for the Atlanta Braves. As if his career was not impressive, the baseman is married to a professional model Chelsea Freeman, and the topic of Freddie Freeman’s son is interesting to read.

Likewise, Freddie and his wife Chelsea Freeman live in their mansion in Atlanta with all their kids, where they live a lavish life.

As of now, they have three children: Fredrick Charles Freeman II, Maximus Turner Freeman, and Brandon John Freeman.

Freddie-Freeman-Family Source:(Twitter of Freddie Freeman)

Above all, Freddie & Chelsea has gone through many problems due to infertility. In addition, one of their children was born through surrogacy.

Freddie Freeman’s Sons | Quick Facts:

Eldest Son (Full Name) Fredrick Charles FreemanII
Date of Birth September 19, 2016
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Age 5
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Middle Son (Full Name) Brandon John Freeman
Date of Birth December 30, 2020
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light-Brown
Youngest Son (Full Name) Maximus Turner Freeman
Date of Birth February 14, 2021
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age 1
Hair Color Light-Brown
Eye Color Black
Birth Place Atlanta, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father’s Name Freddie Freeman
Father’s Net Worth $40 million
Father’s Profession Baseball Player
Father’s Social Media TwitterInstagram
Mother’s Name Chelsea Freeman
Mother’s Net Worth $8 million
Mother’s Profession Model
Mother’s Social Media TwitterInstagram
Freddie Freeman’s Merch Jersey, Rookie Card
Last Update June,2022

Freeman Couple’s as Parents

To begin with, you will know about the Freddie and Chelsea Freeman in detail here; follow the article to know all about them and their lives.

Father | Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman was born as Fedrick Charles Freeman in Villa Park, California.

Likewise, Freeman is a Canadian-American professional baseball player who plays as a first baseman for Atlanta Braves in the MLB.

Freddie made his professional MLB debut in 2010, and he also happens to be the five-time MLB ALl-Star.

Freddie-Freeman-Playing Source:(Twitter Images)

Accordingly, Freman studied in the Elmodena High School, and he has one sibling also, and his name is Andrew Freeman.

Mother | Chelsea Goff Freeman

By the way, Chelsea Goff was born Chelsea Maria Goof on 24th April 1991 in the South Florida in the United States of America.

Significantly, she was raised by her single mother, Pat Goff, and as per the information on the internet.

Chelsea was clear that she wanted to be a model, and after completing her graduation from the University of Central Florida, she started her modeling career.

Even though Chelsea is a professional model now, she had difficulty convincing her parents about it.

Chelsea-Freeman-Model (Source: Twitter Image)

Accordingly, Chelsea had worked as a model in Spring Break Nationals, followed by her works with the big brands, like Harley Davidson and Ferrari.

Aside from that, the mother of three is currently a businesswoman as she deals with beauty, hair products, kid’s items, and essential home products.

Fredrick Freeman Sons

Eldest Son | Fredrick Charles Freeman II

Fedrick Charles Freeman II, nicknamed Charlie, is the first child of Freeman and Goff. Born on September 19, 2016, Freddie named his son after his name Fredrick.

Freddie Freeman’s son, Charlie, was born in a critical and pressured situation where the doctors had to do a C-section at the very end of the delivery process, and there was complication also.

However, the boy is now healthy. In fact, Charlie is blessed with the athletic gene.

Also, the video clip of a 5-year-old boy hitting the ball hard that it goes to another corner of the wall went viral. And many people said that after 20 years, Charlie would be like his father, the MVP in baseball.

Dream Come True

Charlie is a baseball fan and has liked baseball since he was a year old. Not to mention, he is a fan of Fernando Tatis Jr and has always wanted to meet his icon.

Incredibly, Freddie Freeman Son, Charlie, was hoping that his dad would make it to the All-Star game so that he could meet Tatis Jr and make his dream come true.

Eventually, before the T-mobile Home Run Derby at Coors Field, Charlie met Tatis, and they hugged together two times.


As Freddie and Chelsea started their life to become complete by the birth of Charlie, they wanted to have more kids. But, sadly, there was a problem.

The doctors told Chelsea Freeman that she might not have another baby due to the complications in her body. And as expected, both Freeman and Goff were devasted by the news.

At one time period, Chelsea was so depressed and feeling hard to deal with the emotions that she could not be a mother again.

However, the doctor suggested surrogacy to the couple, and they jumped in on it. After a long wait, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, their answers were heard.

Not only did they get a surrogate, but Chelsea got pregnant, too.

Middle Son | Brandon John Freeman

After much trouble, Freddie Freeman and Chelsea Freeman gave birth to their second-born in Atlanta, the United States of America, in December 2020.

Frederick named his second son Brandon John Freeman to honor Chelsea’s grandfather.

Similarly, Brandon is a cute boy with the blonde hair, light-brown eyes.

Surrogate Born Kid | Maximus Turner Freeman

Maximus Turner Freeman is the lovely and the youngest son of Freddie and Chelsea Freeman, born on the valentine’s day, February 14, 2021.

Turner’s middle name has an interesting meaning and is close to his daddy’s heart. But, unfortunately, it was taken from the ballpark in which Freeman played his first game with the Atlanta Braves.

Maximus Truner Freeman is a surrogate baby born from the surrogate mother; however, the detail of the surrogate mother is kept private.

As of now, Maximus is a healthy kid with an attractive personality complimenting with the black eye and light-brown hair.

Social Media of Freddie and Chelsea Freeman

Generally, Freddi and Chelsea’s freeman are active on social media; follow them if you want to know more about them.

Freddie Freeman:

Instagram – 270k followers

Twitter – 290.2k followers

Chelsea Freeman:

Instagram – 119k followers

Twitter – 44.6k followers

Net Worth of Freddie & Chelsea Freeman

Freddie Freeman is a wealthy sports person and has an estimated net worth of $40 million. He has wisely invested his fortune in real estate, from where he gets a handsome return.

Likewise, Chelsea is also a professional model and businesswoman, and she has an estimated net worth of $8 million, and she is spending her fortune wisely.


What is the name of the Maximus Freeman’s surrogate mother?

The name of the Maximus Freeman Surrogate mother is kept secret as per the rules and due to her will.

Is Chelsea Freddie Freeman’s first wife?

Yes, Chelsea is the first wife of Freddie Freeman. However, the athlete has not been involved in any extramarital affairs as of now.

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