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Biography Of Jung Yoo-jin “Eugene Jung” [Age, Height, Husband, Family, Parents, Children & Net Worth]



Biography Of Jung Yoo-jin “Eugene Jung” [Age, Height, Husband, Family, Parents, Children &  Net Worth]

Jung Yoo-jin (born 19 February 1989), also known as Eugene Jung, is a South Korean model and actress. She started her career as a model at YG Entertainment.

She is known for her roles in Korean dramas, such as Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015), Moorim School and W.

In February 2018, Jung signed with new management agency FNC Entertainment.

So Yoo-jin’s acting career didn’t start off with smooth sailing right from the very beginning. When she started her career as an actress, she wanted to gain experience by participating in many castings. In addition, she also didn’t forget to always improve her acting skills and increasingly get better, so that her dreams can come true. She proved it by making her acting debut in the 2000 Korean TV series Virtue. So Yoo-jin’s acting skills were additionally acclaimed by the 8 award nominations and 6 award winnings she got, such as the most popular artist and the best artist award. Indeed, the result never betray your efforts, guys!

So Yoo-jin is an actress who is famous for the attractive character that makes her different and cannot be compared to other artists. She is also known as “Bizzare Girl.” This nickname holds the meaning of a person who can eat various types of food. Wow, this talented actress seems to have a pretty face and also a beautiful personality. She looks like an exciting person.

Plastic Surgery Rumors

South Korea is one of those countries that are really famous for their beauty and skin care industry, as well as plastic surgery enhancements. This is mostly associated with the entertainment industry, where the artists are deemed of having done plastic surgery on certain body parts. This is done for the sake of being seen as a perfect human being by their audiences or fans.

Among the artists who really look perfect and always look young even though she is getting older is So Yoo-jin. Everyone is very curious about the secret that makes her face always look incredibly beautiful. Many of her audience are wondering if she has done plastic surgery or not. Instead of being curious and always wondering, let’s compare together her old photos with the new ones!


In January 2013, So Yoo-jin married renowned food industry businessman, Baek Jong-won. She and the restaurant CEO have a huge age gap, that is kind of far enough, that is, he is 15 years older than her. Shortly after getting married, in April 2014, So Yoo-jin gave birth to her first son with Baek Jong-won. The following year, in September 2015, So Yoo-jin gave birth to her second child, a beautiful daughter like her. Wow, they became more complete with the birth of their daughter!

It turns out that their family is getting a new member again. On February 9, 2018, So Yoo-jin’s agency confirmed that she gave birth to another daughter. “On the evening of February 8, So Yoo-jin had her third child, a healthy baby girl, after three hours of labor at a maternity hospital in Seoul. Her husband Baek Jong-won was by her side the entire time and is very happy. Both the mother and child are healthy and are being taken care of by their family. So Yoo-jin will be busy recovering and taking care of her children for the time being and plans on returning with a good production.” She also uploaded some pictures of her family on Instagram.

Net Worth

Jeong Yoo-jin’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated at around $800, 000 – $3 million

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