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Biography Of K Brown (Comedian) [Age, Height, Wife, Real Name, Wiki & Net Worth]



Biography Of K Brown (Comedian) [Age, Net Worth, Wife, Real Name & Wiki]K Brown is Nigerian-born comedian, actor, singer and online content creator, known for his role in Mark Angel’s Comedy skirts on Youtube. His real name is Kingsley.

K Brown is creative, intelligent and a versatile comedian who usually plays the role of aunty Success’s father in their various episode. He is one of the best cast in the Mark Angel Comedy and also fans favorite.

The intelligence he applies in carrying out his role is indeed what makes him different and unique among his crew. A lot of his fans are searching the internet trying to know more about his personal life.


K Brown as of 2021 is not married. We don’t have enough informations if the comedian has a girlfriend.

Net Worth

K Brown professionally started acting in 2016 when he came to limelight. K Brown’s net worth is estimated at around $150, 000 (net worth estimated in 2021).

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