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Biography Of Lucky Udu [Age, Height, Wife, Parents, Origin, Family & Net Worth]



Biography Of Lucky Udu [Age, Height, Wife, Parents, Origin, Family & Net Worth]

Lucky Udu (born 2 June 1997) is a Nigerian video content creator and online influencer best known for his videos on Facebook and other social media platforms. He describe himself as the “Director of Youth Sensitisation and Rehabilitation Affairs, NYC, FRN.”

He is a native of Owanta, Ika North East Local Government of Delta State. He is a graduate of English at Elizade University. He is the Director of Youth Sensitization and Rehabilitation Affairs at the Nigerian Youth Congress.

Born on the 2nd of June, 1997, Lucky Udu is a filmmaker, a Poverty Activist, the C.E.O of Lucky Udu Studio, the President of Lucky Udu Foundation and the mastermind and founder of the “I am not a scammer campaign” – A campaign that is set out to challenge the status quo of cyber crime amongst young people in Africa and its damaging consequences on nation building and national repute.

Awarded with a honorary doctorate by the Institute of Cooperate and Public Administrators of Nigeria (ICPAN), Dr. Lucky Udu shares passion in community service and Nation development and with a platform of over 260,000 followers on Facebook, he has drawn the attention of millions of people across Africa to some of the major vices that Constitute a backward society.

Lucky Udu is determined to investigate the ills of the society and propagate the high ideals of morality, industry and selfless division to the course of the less privileged in the society.

Inspired by the death of his parents, with his film making abilities and the voice of an Activist, he creates captivating and impactful contents that provokes and inspires global audience on social media and so far has received consistent applauds of notable men and women in the society.

He doesn’t like to mention that he is a philanthropist but during the Covid 19 lockdown, Lucky Udu fed over 45 families in his community and in 2017, during his time at Elizade University, Lucky Udu led a movement and over 45 hungry students were given 22,500naira each and over 200 students were ask not to pay for laboratory gown and Matriculation gown which nobody in the history of the University has successfully pulled off such successful activism till date.

Wife/ Girlfriend

Lucky Udu is currently single and not married.

Net Worth

Lucky Udu’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated at around $250, 000 $1.3 million.

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