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Biography Of MC Shem Comedian [Age, Height, Wiki, Wife & Net Worth]



Biography Of MC Shem Comedian [Age, Height, Wiki, Wife & Net Worth]Ayodele Aguda (born September 25, 1990) best known as MC Shem or MC Shem Comedian is a Nigerian comedian, actor, and online content creator. MC Shem gained popularity from TikTok before extending his contents to Youtube.

Shem was born in Ondo State into a family of six children. He currently reside in Lagos State.

MC Shem Career

Comedian, actor and wedding MC who grew his audience on both YouTube and TikTok. His goal was to make funny and relatable videos with a focus on African homes and culture. His verified mcshemcomedian TikTok account has earned more than 4.3 million followers.

MC Shem currently has over 515, 000 Youtube subscribers as of June 2021. His comedy is similar to Nigerian Instagram and Youtube star, SamSpedy.

His comedy speaks of the struggle of an African child living under his or her parents roof. MC Shem is known both in Nigeria, Africa and also has fans around the world.

MC Shem is one of the most followed Nigerian on social app, Tiktok, with over four million followers. He amassed the huge following in less than a year.

MC Shem is one of the entertainers who has managed to keep his income flowing despite the ban on concerts and other forms of social gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He is also the founder of Shem Foundation, an initiative that helps children by providing educational materials for them. Three schools in the Makoko area of Lagos State have benefited from the foundation.

In his own words:

My Name Is Ayodele A.K.A Mc Shem, I am an Actor, Comedian And Compere. My goal is to make funny and relatable comedy videos focused on African Homes.

Mc Shem, is a comedian, compere and content creator who rose to prominence through his comical character, Mama Shem.

In an interview with the NigerianTribune, this is what Shem has to say about his personal life:

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. However, I read about people who had it rougher than I had growing up but made something out of their lives through dint of hard work. For a family of six – mother, father and four children – we grew up in a one-bedroom apartment popularly called ‘face-me-I face-you’. At a point, a cousin joined us to make seven. Now that I am older, I realise these experiences helped shape me and still motivate me to put in my best every single day and to make the best out of my life. At some point, I shot my video, edited, subtitled it and did everything myself because of my determination. This is what I tell people, you might not be able to afford to pay for certain services when you start out, learn to do those things yourself.

Unlike how I seem to be all out there online, I actually like my personal space. I can be indoors fo

or longer. You might not know my next move.

MC Shem Wife and Family

Biography Of MC Shem Comedian [Age, Height, Wiki, Wife & Net Worth]Yes MC Shem is married. He also has a daughter, Simi. In September 2020, Shem gifts his wife a Mercedes-Benz ML350.

MC Shem Net Worth

Biography Of MC Shem Comedian [Age, Height, Wiki, Wife & Net Worth]According to MC Shem, he made money from almost all his social media accounts. MC Shem’s net worth is estimated at $155, 000 (net worth estimated in 2021).

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