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Biography Of Meddy [Age, Height, Wife, Family, Parents, Wedding, Children & Net Worth]



Biography Of Meddy [Age, Height, Wife, Family, Parents, Wedding, Children & Net Worth]

Ngabo Médard Jobert (born 7 August 1989), popularly known by his stage name as Meddy, is a Rwandan RnB and Pop artist, singer, songwriter based in the U.S since July 4, 2010. At first, he lived in Chicago, where he was a member of PressOne music label and later moved to Texas to continue his studies, and then continued his music career.

The artist went on to make music in the U.S after he had already made a name for himself in Rwanda through various songs that started his music such as “Amayobera”, “Akaramata”, “Ubuntu”, “Ese Urambona” and more.

Throughout his career, Meddy has released and featured on many of the most popular songs in Rwanda, among Rwandans living abroad and in the Great Lakes Region.

Meddy was born Ngabo Médard Jobert on August 7, 1989, in Bujumbura, Burundi, to Sindayihebura Alphonse (father) and Cyabukombe Alphonsine (mother).

His parents were also music lovers, his father was only a great guitar player and the young man did not have the opportunity to get to know him enough or to see him face to face because his father died when Meddy was very young.

Meddy fell in love with music at a young age because of her mother, who used to teach him to play Bob Marley songs, especially the Redemption song.

Although he grew up fond of music in his youth, he did not feel that he was going to be a great musician but he felt that he would be a great boxer and he used to beat up his little classmates.

This constant thirst for becoming a boxer led him to practice boxing between 2000 and 2003 but his mother forbade him even though it was difficult to give up.

Meddy attended nursery school at Ecole Independante in Burundi, and when his family returned to Rwanda he continued his primary education at Ecole Primaire St. Joseph and Ecole Primaire La Colombiere later.

In high school, Meddy studied mathematics and physics at La Colombière Secondary School. He has often said that he studied Actuarial Science at Tarrant County College in Texas where he continued his adult life.

In his third year of high school he was a member of the singing group called “Justified” at Zion Temple church in Kigali, where he sang with other well-known musicians in Rwanda including The Ben, as well as music producers like Mucyo Nicolas and Mbabazi Isaac popularly known as Lick Lick who helped him when he started music.

Although he is best known for his love songs, Meddy often sings hymns to God and his first song was called “Igihe cy’Imana” [meaning God’s Time in English] even though it never came out for his fans to hear.

These three years are a special time in the life of Meddy and his career because it was when he first became famous in music and he immediately became one of the most popular artists in Rwanda due to the fact that modern music was taking root.

In 2008, his song “Ungirira Ubuntu” was released. Then came “Akaramata”, “Amayobera” and “Ese Urambona” produced by Lick Lick. This is how his personal music life has come to be, and these songs have made him famous in Rwanda.

Meddy became very popular among music lovers in Rwanda from other songs he has performed such as “Igipimo”, “Ubanza Ngukunda” and “Inkoramutima” which also came to be named after his fans.

By 2010, Meddy and The Ben were Rwanda’s most influential artists and performers.

On July 4, 2010, the two were among artists headed to the United States to sing at the Urugwiro Conference, a concert organized by the Rwandan Diaspora and then decided to stay.

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