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Biography of Michael Strahan [Age, Height, Family, Wife, Net Worth & Salary]



Michael Strahan led a successful professional football career before getting his hands on T.V. and media. “Is Micheal Strahan Gay?” is often asked by many of his fans and followers.

Michael played for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL); he even won a Super Bowl playing for the team.

Moreover, he is also inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Michael Strahan during a playoff (Source: Instagram)

Transitioning from a professional football career to a media person was a great move for him as he had no trouble gaining the same amount of popularity as he did in his younger days as a football player.

Sadly, things got a little out of hand when his ex-wife, Jean Strahan, accused him of having an extra-marital affair with a guy.

This sounds just as shocking today as it did back when the news first surfaced in the media.

This article will discover his actual sexuality or rather sexual preference is, but before that, let us have a quick look at some facts.

Michael Strahan | Quick Facts

Full Name Michael Anthony Strahan
Birth Date November 21, 1971
Birth Place Houston, Texas, U.S.
Nick Name Bob
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
  • Westbury High School
  • Texas Southern University
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Gene Willie Strahan
Mother’s Name Louise Strahan
Siblings Five
Age 50 years old
Height Six feet five inches or 196 cm
Weight 255 lbs or 116 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Journalist, Football analyst, and a Television star
Marital Status Unmarried but not single
Kids Three daughters and a son
Favorite food Gujarati
Music preference Western instrumental
Other sports he likes Volleyball, Golf
Net Worth $65 million
Merch of Michael Strahan Football Card, Books
Last Update June, 2022

The Big Question: Is Michael Strahan Gay?

Michael Strahan has been engaged three times in the past, and all three of his partners were of the opposite sex.

Wanda Hutchins (1992-1996)

Strahan got married to Wanda Hutchins in the year 1992. Wanda Hitchins is the owner and CEO of Wanda Home designs, specializing in home decor and furniture.

He had two children with her, a daughter named Tanita Strahan and a son named Michael Anthony Strahan Jr.

The relationship did not last long; the couple decided to get divorced in 1996, four years after their marriage.

The two ended their marriage on good terms, agreeing to co-parent their kids. But they have been good friends since their divorce. Wanda has even saved him from bad press.

For a long time, the couple decided not to disclose the reason for their split, but years later, Wanda stated that they were just too young and that they mutually decided to divorce.

Jean Muggli (1999-2006)

Similarly, he got married to Jean Muggli just three years after the divorce, seems like he was feeling a bit too lonely without a partner.

Jean Muggli is an American woman native to the city of Carson, North Dakota. Unlike Wanda, she does not have any institution or enterprise in her name; she is only famous for Michael Strahan’s ex-wife.

Jean and Micheal got married in 1999, but Micheal got divorced yet again on the 20th of July, 2006.

The couple had two beautiful daughters together, Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan.

Isabella and Sophia Strahan smile for the camera as daddy Michael take their picture (Source: Instagram)

This divorce was a bit unpleasant compared to the previous one, as Jean reportedly took away Micheal’s $15 million as a divorce settlement.

During this period, Wanda Hitchins came forward and stated to the media that Micheal was, in fact, a good man and Jean was evil.

When someone’s ex says that he/she is a good man/woman, you better believe that because it is so rare that an ex supports his/her ex-partner even after their break up.

Micheal must have been a good man and a loving husband, so much so that his ex-wife comes to his rescue in times of despair.

She also stated that Jean said, “I wish you all would die” to Wanda’s two little kids.

Michael also had a couple of remarks about his ex-wife, “Jean is sick, evil lady. Jean is sick. I have been praying for her for years. It’s a shame.”

Nicole Mitchelle (2009-2014)

Following the trend, in August of 2009, Micheal got engaged one more time to Nicole Mitchelle, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife.

Nicole Mitchelle is an actress and a businesswoman; she is the owner of Nicole Murphy Fitness, specializing in health tips, nutrition, healthy food recipes, and workout tutorials.

By this time, you guys might have already predicted the result of their relationship.

Yes, the couple called off the engagement in 2014 and headed their separate ways.

Their breakup made waves in the sea of media as Michael reportedly had cheated on her.

The story goes as such, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Michael was with some other girl. Somehow Nicole got hold of the information that he was there, but she did not know he was with another woman.

Nicole kept banging on his room’s door but to no avail. Apparently, she was convinced that he was, in fact, with another woman.

After that, she yelled and cursed at him through the door, which got her kicked out of the hotel.

Despite ending their relationship in such an intense and dramatic situation, they remained friends after their split.

Marianna Hewitt & Stefani Vera

According to our sources, Michael was in a relationship with Marianna Hewitt; the two met each other in 2014 and started dating rather soon. They dated for quite a while before splitting up for good.

Likewise, Marianna Hewitt is a podcaster and also the founder of Summer Fridays.

After that, he went on to date Stefani Vera, who is a motivational influencer.

Kayla Quick

Sometime around November of 2015, Kayla and Michael were spotted somewhere in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Michael went off on the paparazzi after being spotted together with Kayla.

Similarly, in 2018, somewhere in New York’s upper east side, Kayla and Michael were seen together yet again. Again, the two were enjoying a lovely romantic late-night dinner.

At the time, Kayla Quick worked as a cocktail waitress.

Besides being more than 20 years younger than the man, she was dating, Kayla has also been arrested for disorderly conduct and grand theft.

She was arrested in 2005 after being accused of the alleged burglary of her own grandmother’s house.

According to some sources, the two started dating somewhere around 2016. The duo was also seen leaving Dave Chappel’s 2019 New Year’s Eve party in Los Angeles.

Who is Michael Strahan dating right now?

Rumors have been going around that Michael and Kayla are still dating, but it is just rumored. Michael has not been seen with another woman for quite a while now.

We do not have any reliable info regarding Michael’s current relationship status.

So, the long-awaited answer to the question, “Is Michael Strahan Gay?”

After speculating on his past and present relationships, we do not think he is slightly gay or bisexual. We conclude that he is, in fact, a straight man who is attracted towards a female.

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