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Biography Of Nkubi [Age, Height, Wife, Family, Parents, Children, Real Name, House, Cars, Origin & Net Worth]



Biography Of Nkubi [Age, Height, Wife, Family, Parents, Children, Real Name, House, Cars, Origin & Net Worth]Victor Udochukwu Nwaogu (born 28 August) popularly known as Nkubi is a Nigerian On Air Presenter (OAP), comedian, actor, thespian, and online content creator. He is popular for featuring as Small Stout in comedy skits alongside Officer Woos and Broda Shaggi. Nkubi was born on August 28 in Lagos State, Nigeia.

Early Life and Career

Victor Nwaobu was born on August 28 in Lagos State, Nigeria. He hails from Imo State, Nigeria.

He went to Ajao estate grammar school, Ajao Estate, Lagos cor his secondary education. He attended University of Ibadan where he majored in theater Arts.

In 2014, Nkubi was employed as an On Air Presenter (OAP) at Wazobia FM. At Wazobia FM, Nkubi is a host of Wazobia Max Tv.

He is a co host of As E Dey Hot and Evening Oyoyo at Wazobia FM.

Nkubi is known with other names such as Small Stout, Condense and Kereku. Those names of which were peculiar to his height.

He is also an actor. He is popular for featuring in comedy skits alongside Broda Shaggi and Officer Woos.

Nkubi featured on Ndani TV comedy series Officer Titus.

He became known for featuring in comedy skits with the likes of Officer Woos and Broda Shaggi.

He is a content creator, TV presenter and voice over artist.

He began his acting career as a child actor. He has starred in movies such as; Golden Axe, Broken Dream, Stupid Movie, Holy Heist and so on. He featured in TV series such as Tinsel, Officer Titus, A Bella’s Place, Skinny Girls in transit and so on.

He also owns a YouTube channel where shares comic videos.

Wife and Family Life

Nkubi announced on February 21, 2021 that he is getting married and had received congratulatory messages from top celebrities. According to his wife, Ofoegbu Vivian Nkeiruka, she revealed she had approached him first before both connected and got married traditionally.

According to an interview with the Vanguard;

Can you remember the first words your partner said to you when you first met?

The first thing she said was “Hi, my name is Vivian.” After responding to her, “I would like to be a friend” followed and that was how the journey started.

How would you describe your spouse in three sentences?

My wife is very loving and caring; she is hardworking and ambitious and she is a free spirited person.

What were some of the comments you received when you were about getting married?

We got quite a number of comments but I am glad that we were undeterred. We got several comments that small people get like, “Why marry a little person”  “rejections” and every form of doubt that revolves around it. But we thank God.  We are married and thriving.

Was there any form of opposition from both families?

Obviously, there was opposition. In fact, that has become a normal trend.

How did you overcome it?

We are grateful for wisdom and most especially my wife. She stood solidly behind me and that was the breakthrough.

What event made your wedding memorable to you?

It was the fact that my family members accompanied me to go pay for my wife’s bride price and the moment we received blessings from both families.

What do you think are the ingredients for a successful marriage?

I would say that love, trust and respect help marriages to thrive.

What do you miss about your life before marriage?

Marriage is surely a beautiful thing but I miss hanging out with the guys and this has reduced. I am also gradually losing my rank to the television and cable remote (Laughs).

What are some of the lessons you have learnt from marriage?

Marriage has taught me to be patient, tolerant and committed.

What is your advice to young ones about marriage?

The same way we learnt from our parents and uncles as stated above. I will tell them that marriage is about patience, tolerance and commitment.

Net Worth

Nkubi’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated at around $650, 000 – $3.5 million.

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