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Biography Of Paul Scata [Age, Height, Wife, Family, Parents, Real Name, Wiki, Origin & Net Worth]



Biography Of Paul Scata [Age, Height, Wife, Family, Parents, Real Name, Wiki, Origin & Net Worth]Ekejiuba Paul (born 24 October 1989) popularly known as Paul Scata is a Nigerian-born comedian, online contents creator and actor. He contested for the Nigerian Idol in the year 2015. He was born in Imo State, Nigeria.

Early Life and Career

Paul Scata born Ekejiuba Paul well known for his skit, Brestilola, Pragya, and Natasha in a recent interview revealed his parents reactions seeing him with full breast and other female costumes.

The Imo State-born Rib cracker recalls how his father thought he was becoming Bobrisky,

“My father died a month ago but when he saw me on wig for the first time, he was shocked and confused. He summoned me and asked if I want to become Bobrisky, I had to take my time to explain to him that it was just comedy skits that I am straight. Even after the shoot and editing, I took the clips back to him to see and vet. He liked it and started supporting me. For my mother, she has always been my backbone.”

Paul Scata whose skits focus on women related issues is blessed with good looks, height and sense of humor also lamented the challenges that come with playing female characters.

According to him, he get advances from men, especially when he is shooting with his (fake) big breasts. “They mistake me for a woman. Some guys too always harass me thinking I am one of them. I also get advances from females. It has not been easy living in both worlds. Even when shooting my skits on female costumes, I struggle to stay in character. While most times, my breast bursts and I have to start all over,” he told Sun News.

Paul Scata is a skit comedian whose skits are mostly themed around the Indian culture, especially the Bollywood entertainment industry.

Paul scatter portray three main characters in his comedy. Brestilola, the troublesome breasted female and is always looking for trouble. Pragya, a shy Indian young girl, and the fake slay Queen, Natasha.

Due to he shoots his comedy skits dressed as a girl, lots of people have had the misconception that he is gay, while in fact he isn’t gay. He’s simply a comedian putting up an act by dressing as female.

Currently, Paul Scata is being followed by 1 million people on Facebook, and a thousand more on Instagram.

Paul Scata’s real name is Ekejiuba Paul, he is of Igbo origin who hails from Imo State, Nigeria.

Wife/ Girlfriend

Paul Scata is currently single and not currently dating or in any relationship. Paul Scata is also not yet married.

Net Worth

Paul Scata’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be around $150, 000 – $1 million (net worth estimated in 2021).

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