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Biography Of Sarah Aloysius [Age, Height, Husband, Wiki, Parents, Origin & Net Worth]



Biography Of Sarah Aloysius [Age, Height, Husband, Wiki, Parents, Origin & Net Worth]

Sarah Aloysius is a Nigerian-born Kannywood actress and film producer who hails from Adamawa State, Nigeria. She has been described as the most successful non-Hausa Kannywwod actress for her role and work in “Dadin Kowa“.

Sarah Aloysius is very beautiful, fabulous, amusing, talented, and hard-working actress. She was also a fashion designer.

Early Life and Career

Sarah Aloysius was born in Adamawa State, Nigeria and was brought up in Borno State. Sarah is not a Hausa by tribe and she is not a Muslim. Adamawa State is one of the few states in the Northern part of Nigeria that large population of Christians. She is currently living in Kano State.

Sarah Aloysius started acting since from Primary and Secondary school, where she performed in school dramas. Her first Hausa movie was “Dadin Kowa”. Dadin Kowa is a Hausa Series film that is aired on Televisions through AREWA24 Tv Channel. She became very popular in the movie. In 2029, she received the best Actress award In Dadin Kowa.

She started her acting career at the age of five, developed herself through drama groups in the church and school until she made her debut in the ‘Sabon-salo’ drama series where she carved a niche for herself as Stephanie.

In the history of Kannywood industry, Sarah Aloysius is the most successful Christian actress. She is currently shooting and realising a Hausa Series film titled “Yar Kabila”, through her YouTube channel.

According to Sarah;

I started acting on stage when I was five years old. All my life I was hoping to go far. As a child I was very happy doing that because it’s what I love. I acted in church, school and everywhere basically. When I saw an advert years ago from Arewa24 seeking new actors for the then new Dadin Kowa ‘Sabon-salo,’ I auditioned and with the help of God I was selected for the role of Stephanie.

My parents supported my dream but no one really saw me coming this far. No one ever thought I had the dream of being on screen. That was my little secret.

Interview with daily post

 Sarah said she see herself acting, making great movies and grooming young talents in the nearest future.


As of 2021, Sarah Aloysius is not yet married and is currently single.

Net Worth

Sarah Aloysiu net worth as of 2021 is estimated at around $70, 000 (net worth estimated in 2021).

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