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Biography Of Tasha Layton [Age, Height, Husband, Family, Parents, Wikipedia, Songs, Children, Origin & Net Worth]



Biography Of Tasha Layton [Age, Height, Husband, Family, Parents, Wikipedia, Songs, Children, Origin & Net Worth]

Tasha Layton (born 1984) is an American gospel singer and songwriter.

She is also a worship leader who has led many youths on the path of Christianity from her early days. Tasha has had a long and joyful journey in her life to lead her where she is now.

Tasha started singing at churches, she fell in love with Jesus and music and led her young group at the worship. Layton has traveled around the world meeting people and leading them on the path of faith.

She has so far released 12 songs through her 3 EP’s and albums.

Let us learn more about rising artist Tasha Layton and look at 10 interesting facts about her.

10 Facts On Tasha Layton

    1. Tasha Layton’s age as of 2021 is 37 years old. She was 26 years old when she appeared on season 9 of American idol which aired back in 2010.
    2. Tasha Layton is married to her husband Keith Everette Smith who is Grammy awards and GMA dove award winner songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.
    3. Artist, Tasha can be found on Instagram as @tashalayton. More than 12k people follow her on Instagram and she has posted more than a thousand times for her followers.
    4. Despite being an emerging artist and having collected fame, Tasha is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. Her bio can be found on her official website.
    5. The couple has a family of four. The member includes Tasha, her husband Keith and their two children.
    6. There is no doubt Tasha has been making good money after her success in the industry. But we do not know about her actual net worth as she has not received it yet.
  1. Tasha has been a backup vocal artist for Katy Perry for 4 years.
  2. She has made a suicide attempt which she now describes as her turning point in her life.
  3. Keith and Tasha have been collaborating on Tasha’s project and she describes working with her husband as an opportunity to bond.
  4. Tasha has been working with EBC recording and released her EP “Love Running Wild” with the company.


Tasha Layton is currently married to Keith Everette Smith. Tasha Layton and her husband currently have two cute kids togehter.

Net Worth

Tasha Layton’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be around $800, 000 – $10 million (net worh estimated in 2021).

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