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Biography Of Triplet Delesafa: Tomisin, Tomiwa & Toni [Age, Parents, Family, Boyfriend & Net Worth]



Biography Of Triplet Delesafa: Tomisin, Tomiwa & Toni  [Age, Parents, Family, Boyfriend & Net Worth]Triplet Delesafa (born 13 April) whose names are TawioKehinde, and Arinola, popularly known as TomiwaToni, and Tomisin are Nigerian online social media influencers, content creators and are mostly popular on Tiktok with over 18 million followers. Tawio, Kehinde, and Arinola are better known as Tomiwa, Toni, and Tomisin. These triplets are making a lot of noise in their community by running a variety of businesses. They are verified on TikTok and on some social media platforms, which has helped them become well-known. All the three sisters are lovely dark-skinned girls who were born on April 13th and are currently in their twenties. They are dressed in the identical attire to one another, and they were admitted at the same moment.

Early Life and Career

Born on 3rd April, Tawio, Kehinde, and Arinola are of Yoruba origin.

It appears that they are not identical in accordance with the triplets Toni was born inside the woman’s stomach while Tomisin and Tomiwa were being delivered by the same doctor. As the doctor was about to clean up their mother’s mess, he noticed another child inside the woman’s stomach, who turned out to be Toni. As a result, Tomisin is the first of the triplets-Delesafa and a brand influencer, Tomiwa is the second of the triplets-Delesafa and has 100k followers on Instagram, and Toni is the lastborn of the family and the last of the triplets-Delesafa with 72.8k followers on Instagram, according to the family. They are delighted and pleased to have followers on Instagram and other social media platforms such as Tiktok, for example.

The triplets stated that their mother worked really hard and sacrificed a lot in order for them to be where they are now, and that they are pleased because they want to make their mother proud of them. They are the fifth child in a family of six. In addition to them and their mother, they have two lovely older sisters who are physically identical to them.

Their popularity has grown due to their amazing, beautiful, and talented qualities. They are also well-known as television personalities.

In spite of the fact that the triplets-Delesafa are not identical twins, according to them, they are in love with themselves and believe they cannot be separated, according to a flashback interview with the BBC in pidgin.

Birthday Story By Triplet Delesafa

Read their story below:

“Let me tell you a quick story about our birth. I’m sure you guys won’t expect this lmao
So according to my mum, when she was pregnant she was expecting just one child, just a child. But later on, she started getting bigger than usual then she got worried and decided to go to the hospital for a scan but it kept on showing that she was pregnant with just a child.

She would go to the hospital twice almost every week because she was so concerned about the size of the pregnancy since she was having just a child.

So About five months later(Ikr, that’s a long time)she went back to the hospital and they finally told her she was pregnant with twins, she was so surprised and at the same time relieved that the babies were fine.
So, she started buying two pairs of everything, same shoes, same clothes and all.

Then when she was due which was eight month three days(multiple births don’t actually stay till the usual nine months, most of them)she went to the hospital and then the doctor told her she was going to deliver her babies(twins)through cs.

After some hours they finally got the twins out(Tomisin and Tomiwa)but according to my mum when the doctor was about closing up they noticed a movement and they were concerned, thinking something went wrong they had to undo the stitches, and then it turned out that they found another baby(Toni)

What would you do if you found out you were originally meant to give birth to twins but then it turned out you gave birth to triplets? lmao

When my mum regained consciousness, the doctor told the nurses to bring in the triplets, my mum thought she heard wrong so she asked “what triplets ?” then they explained the whole thing to her and she was filled with joy and was having mixed emotions. Who wouldn’t? So there wasn’t any clothe for Toni(the last child)they quickly had to get a substitute till they went to buy her stuff, ours actually because we had to wear the same thing.

So why Toni and I look more alike is because we shared the same placenta and Tomisin had hers.” Happy birthday @.tomiwa. @toni.xox_ @thomisin_ ….. #triplets #beauty #birthdaygirls

Boyfriend/ Husband

Triplet Delesafa are currently single and in any relationship for now.

Triplet Delesafa are also not married.

Net Worth

Triplet Delesafa’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated at around $150, 000 – $500, 000.


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