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Biography Of Wode Maya [Age, Height, Wife & Net Worth]



Biography Of Wode Maya [Age, Height, Wife & Net Worth]Berthold Winkler who is best known as Wode Maya is a Ghanaian-born YouTube content creator, public figure, and aeronautical engineer. Maya began vlogging about life in China where his videos went viral gaining an international audience and attention. Maya’s Youtube channel currently has over 800, 000 subscribers.

Wode Maya was born in Ahekofi, Ghana, where he grew up with his parents. The popular Youtuber is not from a wealthy background. As a kid, Maya did odd jobs to make ends meet. Nevertheless, the Ghanaian vlogger is proud of his family.

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Wode Maya Education

After completing his secondary school education, Wode Maya left Ghana in 2012 to further his education in China. Initially, he was billed to study in the UK after getting a scholarship. However, this would not come to reality as he was denied a visa to the UK. Out of shame, the young man left for China. He was admitted into Shenyang Aerospace University to study Aeronautical Engineering.

Wode Maya CareerBiography Of Wode Maya [Age, Height, Wife & Net Worth]

Wode Maya joined YouTube on January 10, 2013. His real name is Berthold Winkler. Mr Ghana Baby, as he is also known professionally, visits multiple African countries vlogging about his travel experiences, the county’s’ culture and social scene garnering him mainstream media attention. He is a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker.

Wode Maya Spouse

As of May 2021, Wode Maya is currently single. Wode Maya is not yet married. Please visit this page for future updates.

Wode Maya Net Worth

Wode Maya’s net worth is estimated at $725, 000. His net worth is calculated base on all google sold adverts from his Youtube channel and sponsored ads. (net worth estimated in 2021).

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