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Biography Of Zicsaloma [Age, Height, Wife, Family, Real Name, Parents, Origin & Net Worth]



Biography Of Zicsaloma [Age, Height, Wife, Family, Real Name, Parents, Origin & Net Worth]Aloma Isaac Junior (born 7 November 1991) popularly known by his stage name Zicsaloma is a Nigerian, comic skit maker, actor and singer. He rose to prominence for comedic videos he posts to Instagram, and TikTok.

Early Life and Career

Zicsaloma was born in Kaduna State, Nigeria and originally hails from Abia State, Nigeria. He attended the Sacred Heart Primary School for his primary education and Airforce Secondary School for his secondary education. He studied English and Literary Studies at the Abia State University.

In his words; “My childhood was that of an average Nigerian child. I was born in a military barracks in Kaduna State. I come from an average family, where we could comfortably meet our basic needs such as food and shelter. My dad is a retired soldier and my mum worked as a secretary. They never failed to buy Christmas clothes and meet my essential needs”.

Prior to becoming a comedian, Zicsaloma contested in The Voice Nigeria season 2 competition and got eliminated in the semi-finals. After bagging his degree, he embarked on full time comedy in 2017, and became an internet sensation after his viral comic skit on TikTok.

Zicsaloma skits focus on varying themes from social changes and playing a role as Sister Ekwitos, a female evangelist character.

In an Interview with The Punch news he said;

It started in 2017 after my exit from The Voice Nigeria (singing reality competition). It was something I did not plan to do. I did not even know I had the ability to make people laugh. I just saw one of my mum’s church hats and decided to try it on. As soon as I wore it, I got into character and started recording. I decided to share the video on Facebook and it got people laughing and asking for more. Since then, I have not stopped.

One of the major challenges I have faced is getting recognition. There was a small audience that enjoyed and anticipated my skits but I needed to reach out to a larger audience. I did not have enough money to pay blogs to post my videos and get more awareness. So, I would say growing my fan base was a major challenge.

Have you ever been a victim of online bullying?

Yes, I have but it was not really serious. I understood how the Internet worked before putting myself out there so I did not let people’s words or threats disturb me.

Which of your videos brought you fame?

I actually cannot point to a particular video that brought me fame. I became active on Tiktok during the COVID-19 lockdown. All of a sudden, I started having many trending videos at the same time on Tiktok. Many blogs on Facebook and Instagram also shared my videos simultaneously. However, some of my early most successful videos were the ones where I showed how African parents prepared their kids for school, types of Immigration officers, types of nurses, and the different types of women in church.

Wife/ Girlfriend

Zicsaloma is currently single and not in any relationship for now. Zicsaloma is also not yet married.

Net Worth

Zicsaloma’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be around $250, 000 – $3 million.

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