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The Biography Of Olivia Liang [Age, Height, Boyfriend & Net Worth ]



The Biography Of Olivia Liang [Age, Height, Boyfriend & Net Worth ]Olivia Liang (born 11 May 1993) is an Asian-American actress who is best known for her role in popular 2021 CW’s television series “Kung Fu”. Olivia Liang also appears in CW’s Legacies.

Olivia Liang Early Life

Liang was born on May 11, 1993 in Southern California, USA.

Olivia Liang CareerThe Biography Of Olivia Liang [Age, Height, Boyfriend & Net Worth ]

Olivia Liang’s credits include a role in CW’s Legacies and a brief stint as a teaching assistant in Grey’s Anatomy. She has also directed a web series. Now, she has taken the spotlight in the lead role in the CW reboot of Kung Fu.

“I was a big Disney channel kid,” says “Kung Fu” star Olivia Liang. “Growing up in Southern California, you hear radio ads that are like: ‘Does your child want to be on Hannah Montana?’ I was like, yes, absolutely. And [my mother] was like, ‘your chances are one in a million.’”

Although interested in acting from a young age, Liang’s creative outlet growing up was dance; it wasn’t until she was a senior communications major at University of California San Diego that she took her first real acting classes. “I told my mom I wanted to be an actor when I was 18 and that I didn’t want to go to college. And she said, absolutely not. And I was like, got it. So I was trying to find something acting adjacent,” she says. “By 20, I was like, ‘Mom, I really want to do this. Please let me, and please trust that I’ll know when to quit if I need to quit.’ And she was like, ‘OK, you’re still talking about this. Go ahead.’”

Although Liang didn’t get that one-in-a-million shot at “Hannah Montana,” years later she landed on the CW Network as the star of “Kung Fu.” The 28-year-old Liang leads the series as Nicky Shen, a young woman who drops out of college and studies at a Shaolin monastery in China before returning to San Francisco to fight crime.

Case in point: The CW reboot of Kung Fu has cast Liang as its female lead – a deviation from the seventies series which had David Carradine as its original front runner, Deadline reports.

Liang has extensive acting credits. She has a recurring role in CW’s Legacies and plays Alyssa Chang on The Vampire Diaries offshoot. She has also appeared in Hulu’s Crawlers.

Liang starred in a web series Dating After College and a short film, Handle With Care: A Holiday Story from Wong Fu Productions.

strong>Olivia Liang Movies and TV Series

Olivia Liang is an actress and director, known for Kung Fu (2021)Legacies (2018) and Grey’s Anatomy (2005).

Olivia Liang Martial ArtsThe Biography Of Olivia Liang [Age, Height, Boyfriend & Net Worth ]

A new take on the martial arts franchise often associated with the David Carradine–starring Western from the 1970s, this version focuses on Olivia Liang’s Nicky Shen. A Chinese American college dropout from San Francisco, Nicky ditches the life her parents had planned for her and ends up practicing martial arts in a Shaolin monastery – until tragedy strikes and she ends up back home just when her family might need her the most.

In the series, which premieres April 7 and is created by Lost and Hawaii: Five-0 vet Christina M. Kim, Nicky is seen protecting herself and those closest to her with jabs, strikes, spins and kicks while barely breaking a sweat (and sometimes to the surprise of her siblings; Shannon Dang’s tech-wiz Althea and Jon Prasida’s medical student Ryan).

Although she’s not allowed to do any of the intense wire work lest she get injured and cause a delay in production, she said, “you can maybe expect to see at least 65% me” on screen during the fight scenes and that “I try to do as much as possible because it’s also just really fun and really empowering and I feel really cool when I do it.” But she gives credit to her stunt double, Megan Hui, and others in that department “if I ever look cool and badass and powerful during a fight scene.”

strong>Olivia Liang Net Worth

Olivia Liang’s net worth is estimated to be around $750, 000 (net worth estimated in 2021)

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