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Who Is Nwanyiocha? [Biography, Real Name, Age, Height, Husband, Family & Net Worth]



Who Is Nwanyiocha? [Biography, Real Name, Age, Height, Husband, Family & Net Worth]Nwanyiocha is a Swiss-born (now Nigerian) blogger, vlogger and online public figure. She became famous on Facebook before extending her popularity to other social media. Best known for uploading videos where she is seen speaking Igbo and Pidgin. She is really proud of her husband and the tribe she is married to (Igbo). Lolo Ifunanya currently has over 304, 000 Facebook followers as of June 2021.

She on her Instagram bio; ” Igbo Culture through the eyes of a white lady!
Proud Igbo wife, mother of three.
Nri ọṅụṅụ, Nsịbịdị, omenala, art and music inspire me!!”

True love they say has no boundaries. It knows no color or language barrier. Such is the case between an Igbo man from Isuofia in Anambra State of Nigeria and a white lady from Switzerland. These two lovebirds have been together for many years. Their marriage is blessed with 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and one girl.Who Is Nwanyiocha? [Biography, Real Name, Age, Height, Husband, Family & Net Worth]

Nwanyiocha as she is fondly called has a very massive online presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram unlike her husband. She has learnt so much about the Igbo culture, including the old Igbo alphabets which some full blooded Igbos do not know. She speaks Igbo clearly, cooks Nigerian meals and teaches her children our culture.

Nwanyiocha never hesitates to share that their marriage is a proof that true love does exists and knows no colour. She flaunts her family on all her social media platforms. She posts videos and pictures of great moments in their homes. Especially their visits to Anambra and how they had fun during the past Christmas seasons. A video caught my attention on her page.

Real Name

Nwanyiocha in Igbo simply means “whitebwoman”, her real name is still unknown as she has embraced the name.

She has become a true Nigerian in every sense of the word. This Swiss woman who has totally subscribed to the culture of the Eastern people of Nigeria is also a blogger. She speaks and write Igbo, cooks our foods and love Nigerian culture.

Net Worth

Nwanyiocha net worth as of 2021 is estimated at $440, 000.

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